Wordzzle 58

Raven’s Wordzzle Challenge 58

We can only wonder at how, in the midst of the day, Henry put on his chartreuse pants (albeit strenuously, as they were really tight) cued his iPod in his computer (which background was set to a bumblebee hovering over a dandelion) to endlessly repeat Queen’s greatest hits, and perform various acrobatic maneuvers that landed him tangled up in the poison ivy which led to it getting caught in his ceiling fan whirling erratically in the alabaster ceiling and hanging himself. Of his many careers- working at a grocery store, being an interpreter and lastly working as an optometrist-no one knew of his desire to be an acrobat. Perhaps, if Henry had been a little more of a visionary, he would have used his scissors to trim down the poison ivy growing rampant along his wall and sliding glass door. Though one mystery remains-What was the cube doing standing in the floor by the sliding glass door?



  1. Great job! You need to fix your Mr. Linky connection, though or nobody will be able to find you. I tried earlier using google and other options and didn’t succeed until you left your comment. Welcome to Wordzzles! Fun, isn’t it?


  2. Oh! About fixing Mr. Linky — go back to Raven’s and log in with whatever name you’re using in blogland in box 1; your email addy in box 2; and your url to this specific post in box 3. You can’t remove the entry that doesn’t work, so don’t try.



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