Poem a day April 14th

No other feeling
There is no other feeling like it on earth unless you count
A churning stomach after eating too much spaghetti,
The excitement of a high speed car chase,
The aftermath of an earthquake might come close
Or a sonic boom that occurs after a nuclear bomb explodes,
You might feel it after a long hard workout, the ache the only seems to go away with time,
It occurs in all seasons of life,
Sometimes without a warning, sometimes with,
It can be like walking on cartons of eggshells and performing the best of acrobatic feats,
At times it will feel like falling off a cliff,
Where you cannot see the water,
Or feel the wind catch you,
It’s like diving without a parachute or a full tank of oxygen,
Both of which will leave you gasping for breath,
It is the darkest song you have ever heard,
You realize what an amazing grace love can be.

A million pieces
The earth can fracture into a million pieces,
Become dust floating through an endless space,
Becoming the minutest particle a scientist has ever seen,
And it will still be there. So long as that particle exists.
You can soar with the eagle as it drops thru the sky,
Raft along the raging Colorado only to plummet from the falls below,
The steepest roller coaster ride cannot compare,
To the dip of my heart when you are near,
The endless winding road at night,
The broad spectrum of stars that blanket the sky at dark-
The spinning of a planet will not do it justice,
The burning of the sierras cannot compare to it,
The deepest darkest whole in earth cannot imagine it,
To the joy that I feel now that you are gone.



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