Depths of Conscience

Since I am doing the poetry thing, I thought I would post one of my earlier pieces, just for comparison to see how far I have come-or not 😉

Depths of Conscience
In the black lanes of my mind
I see a shadow crossing time
It is to direct to my pedestal
To retrace the place on which I stray
A guide on this wintry day
A roller coaster I must venture to see
This place that millions wish to enter
An energy so pure once sought
Whence I remember I do wonder
How I became to be befuddled
I see at once where I once stood
The choice I made that led me away
So small I hadn’t even noticed


1 Comment

  1. Yes . Actions speak louder than words and what you want and feel and believe, you betray in life, in living. Its like Jesus said to Judah, before the day is over, you will betray me thrice.
    But we do this to our own true selves in life as well. It is harder to stay the path, than it is to find a new one. It is harder to tell the truth, than it is to tell a lie.Being good, is harder than being bad. lol That’s why the devil wins…… everytime. 🙂


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