An Aside…

I was having a hard time today with the poem. The words just weren’t there. I decided to que some music and realized that I had not listen to Leann Rhimes version of Amazing Grace in awhile. So into youtube I went. after listening to Rhimes version I came across this one
its called cactus cuties sing…
well you’ll hear if you listen.
It was at this point that the words started to pour in. Since I have to go get ready for work I had to stop my self from writing more. So I guess my point is this: for all of you out there having a little difficulty no matter what it is, take a little time and just listen (or smell the roses) and it may work wonders for you.



  1. I find when you begin to write, at the beginning it is difficult but then once it begins to flow it keeps coming even when you sleep, there is so much to say you need to get up and keep going till you are tired out.A stimulated brain is the best thing 🙂


  2. Great inspiration. They sing so good… I really enjoyed it…yeah and sometimes it is great just to sit back, smell the roses or the coffee brewing, listen to music like this, read like Quilly suggests or just do whatever you want to recharge 🙂


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