Three Word Thursday


“I cannot. I will not go! You can not make me!”
“Aren’t you a little too old to be throwing tantrums?” was the mild reply, though he never looked up from the paper he was marking all over.
“No, I think that something of this magnitude demands that a tantrum be thrown. You are forcing me into this comity but you never asked if I would or could do this. It is not you telling me to go to my room or sending me off to camp or doing community service with the exiled prisoners.” A pause as she gathered her thoughts to make a more sensible argument “I have no reason to be there. I have no knowledge of the Andivians or their wants or needs. At best I will be an embarrassment and at worst I will insult some official because I did/did not belch at the precise moment I was supposed to.”
“That is why you will be schooled for the next week until you are to attend the ceremony. It is part of the comity for this race that the first born are in attendance so that should the elder parish; the knowledge is retained by one of their line.” A frown marred his features as he thought about all of things that were going into this ceremony and what still needed to be done. “There will be no more arguments. You are to go and that will be final.”

“Why must this ceremony take place in such…sublunary conditions? Why can we not just have it on the planet?” The young Andivian glared out the control tower of the space station.
“It is the only way that the earthlings will meet with us, young Anuvian. They do not trust us enough to come to our planet and we do not trust them to go to theirs. Doing so would make them vulnerable to us and vise versa. As it does not make us vulnerable to be here, it made the most sense to have the ceremony here.” The speaker swayed as if to some music but there was none here.
“They are such an archaic race. I have never seen a…”Here the young Andivian paused, trying to articulate what would be simpler in mind thought, but harder in mouth speech. “species so capable of greatness yet so bent on destruction.” The Andivian watched as the Elder swayed to and fro, waiting with the infinite patience of their kind for a response. Since the Earthlings had yet to evolve enough for mind speech the Andivians had to work on the vocal speech. It was hard work when one was unused to it. It was also very limiting.
“Calm yourself Anuvian, I know the mouth speech is difficult, in truth I find it tiresome as well but if we are to have an alliance with these earthlings we will need to make concessions that we would not normally” A glint appeared in the eye of the elder as he used mouth speech to finish “And they are not as un-evolved as you would think. Their species is diverging and as such they will see a new race emerge-if they don’t kill each other first. That is the other reason we are here. We need to guide them to that next step. One thing that you must keep in mind young Anuvian, this is a specious group that we will be dealing with at the ceremony. Listen not only with your ears when they speak.”



  1. I did not ask blogger to publish that. I hit the enter key for a new paragraph. Just one of the tiny things I dislike about blogspot.

    So, as I was going to say before I was so rudely interrupted — I see you mutated antediluvian, but you did it so well, you are forgiven. 😉


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