Midnight Rant with peanut M&M’s and Dr. Pepper

I know it’s late for some, but since I am awake I thought I would take a moment to rant and maybe share if I’m in the mood afterward. BTW I am listening to “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who.
I work in the evenings folding clothing that customers have rifled through during the day. I am paid quite well to fold these clothes. And generally I don’t have a problem with it. The problem is when after spending an hour or more folding and sizing a section some person or family of persons will descend upon this section as if thrown into a frenzy. Now I understand that somethings will be unfolded and again that is ok. But what type of idiot do you have to be to dig through a pile of shirts that are clearly all the same and by the same I mean the same size, the same picture even the same fold lines so all of this can be seen, so that rifling does not need to occur?
And people, Please hold onto your children when in the store. If you allow them to take a sample make sure that you know where it goes-which is not in the clothing, on a shelf with other products or in the middle of the floor. You wouldn’t (at least I am hoping you wouldn’t) allow this behavior at home or even at school, why will you allow it in a store. I am always amazed at how much crap I find stuffed between the clothing. Trash cans are all around the store-use them.
Another thing in regards to children. Screaming for any purpose other than danger inside an enclosed building that echoes is just asking for trouble. I have excellent hearing which I want to keep in my dotage thank you very much. One thing you should keep in mind in regards to your child(ren)’s misbehavior while they are in the store-By the time they come streaking through our isles screaming at the top of their lungs or above a reasonable decibel we (store employees) have had to live through this a few dozen times and have become slightly unhinged and we cannot be blamed or held responsible for any actions taken to keep our remaining bits of insanity (yes insanity)up to and including screaming back at your kid and quite possibly you. How embarrassing would it be to be taken to task in front of your kids as if you were a child yourself so-KEEP YOUR KIDS IN CHECK!
And if you all are wondering, the reason you can never find a sales person on the floor is because we all have to take a break to keep from doing some of the things mentioned above. Accept that we leave the area so that we can keep from becoming completely unhinged. Sometimes a little stroll is all it takes to bring perspective and calm back to us. Don’t abuse us for taking a moment-It’s for your best interests, trust me. And one last thing-unless the clerk is a complete moron (yes there are some) don’t speak down to us or treat us like trash. We work to pay our bills or to help us get through school. Some people don’t have to do this-which is obvious when they speak (no people skills) but for those of us that do, well, treat us with the respect that you would give your peers and it will be returned. If you don’t you might be that customer in the movie “Waiting”-you know the one.
At this point in my rant I am finishing out “Hold On” by Wilson Philips and heading into “I’m Moving On” by Rascal Flats-This seems like a good time depart from my rant. My blood pressure has finally gone down-Yeah! It’s been high all week.
At this point I would like to formally Introduce Anderson. He’s the fearless white tiger on the front of my blog-courageously standing in from of our Venus Fly Trap.
Anderson is from Las Vegas, NV. He was my mascot for the trip.He is a bit shy as it has taken me since last August to obtain his name but he finally told it to me last month. Since we hope only to have a couple more years on this island Anderson has requested to go exploring. He is after all a Mascot. So we will begin our journey and keep everyone posted.
Hope you all have a great evening. And thanks for all of the comments. It gives me warm fuzzies to read them. It’s always nice to know someone likes my work.



  1. I have picked myself up off my chair countless times reading this. What a riot. This is so true and why people don’t get this is beyond me. I’d like to muzzle many of them trust me. And for the parents…I’d like to drag them around on a dog leash or something. I dunno. It’s just nerve racking. Try driving a bus when the parents let the kids think the bus is a playground…Biting my tongue. Nice to meet Anderson. Hope you have happy trails 🙂


  2. Thanks Thom. As I also enjoy public transportation,(as a passenger) I have seen many a child run screaming up and down the isles. Sometimes the driver will tell them they must stop but sometimes not. I had to get off of the bus once because the kids were out of control. Unfortunately the people were on the next one I got on so I just had to endure.


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