Poem a Day-April 18th

All I want is something indescribable

It is not tangible,
Nor is it intangible,
A thought or deed
Then again perhaps not
It provokes happiness but more than that
And less
I cannot describe
This feeling of mine
When I try for words
To bring it about
I come to a loss
It is there
Just out of reach
I have come close to it
Only to have it wander away
Vigilance is necessary
But that is not right either
It is everything and nothing
all at the same time
It is what is striven for
That thing that has been lost
I think I had it as a child
Though I cannot be sure
The thought of it is a pounding, beating source of pain
Waiting to erupt
Or just burn in flame
I cannot describe what this soul of mine
Would have me reach out for and grasp
I only know that it is there
This indescribable thing that I want



  1. What ever it is, it is within you. A child is innocent. A child is idealistic and we lose this idealism as we grow and see nothing is as simple as it seems. That is the price we pay for eating of the tree of knowledge. We wanted knowledge, freedom,independence and God respected our decision for wanting this because he wanted us to conclude on our own that he was right. Remeber he was lonely so this is why man was created. Once achieving this impossible goal, we will all be able sit at his table with him.This is what he wants and desires for us.


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