Evening Rant-or not so really

Must have Slurpee-got lemonade instead
I really wanted a slurpee, it would have been a nice alternative to having a coldbuster from Jamba Juice. And since Jamba was closed I really really looked forward to that slurpee.
I got on the C-country express knowing that it did not go up the hill, (Knowing that it was the last one.) Anticipating that I could get off-run across the street, go into the heavenly store that sells such treats (called 7-11) Stand for a moment deciding which flavor and then getting it, as well as a nice piece of graham covered chocolate and getting out to the bus stop by the curb with a couple of minutes to spare to suck on my slurpee before the 40 ambled up the hill. Yes siree that was the plan. We all know how plans go.
I won’t tell you why I got off of the C-lets just leave it at RAOK and call it a day. By getting off of the C I knew it would be awhile before another bus came and wouldn’t you know it one did (a little over 1 hour after the last one did) and it wasn’t just any bus oh no it was not the 40 which would have allowed me to make the mad dash to the slurpee heaven. NO NO NO –It was instead that majestic 40A-that phantom bus that at no other time on a Sunday can you catch a glimpse of.
I am sure by now that those of you who don’t know the bus system are scratching your heads wondering what the problem is-after all it is the 40 and it goes up the hill. Well people let me tell you what the difference is. Both 40’s will run the same route-just in a different order. Whereas the 40 will go down the road and double back before going up the hill that little “A” goes up the hill first, sliding(sometimes roaring) right past the bus stop and slurpee heaven before it turns around to go further up the road.
So knowing that I was on this phantom bus I was praying-yes praying-for the driver to stop and make a mad dash into the restroom or to take a fiver which would allow me to get the aforementioned slurpee-No dice. If it hadn’t of been for ole’ jack reclaiming his bike from the rack I don’t think we would have even slowed down.
So here I now sit, sucking on some very Sour lemonade and eating a bit of Hershey’s extra dark chocolate (which is oddly satisfying all things considered) making plans-yes plans-for tomorrows slurpee brigade.



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