Just a little look…

I was going to put this under evening rant but it’s more funny and as I am still chuckling-nay laughing out loud about it it cannot really be called a rant.
Also-it has a little karma in it too.
For those of you who don’t know me other then this little blog let me give you one-or more words that will describe myself to you. Warped sense of humor, scary.
Keep these in mind.

As I said in a previous rant I fold clothes for a living. And tonight I was really folding clothes. This particular table I was working at was really bad and needed a lot of clothes moved off before fixing it could commence. Two tables over was my co-worker busily going away at her table. Completely intent on what she was doing. As was I.
As I moved a pile of rash guards out of the way I came across a purple, tarantula shaped squishy toy. I said loudly ow wow Look what I found. My co-worker heard me but continued doing what she was doing so I grabbed it up and took it over to her
and again said “check out what I found” quite exuberantly so she had to look.
I didn’t get the scream I was working for but she did jump at least a foot away from me and clutched her chest before she realized what I was holding.
At this time I am laughing so hard that the beating in my arm and back did not register (She wasn’t hitting me that hard).
She laughed. It was a nice tension breaker and we got back to our work while still laughing about it.
Later as we were finishing I was gathering up the carts in my area and ran over the tips of my toes with them as I was putting them together. This made my co-worker smirk and respond “that’s what you get!”
Yeah well, I still got a good laugh.



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