PAD-April 20th


Here I stand at the foot of the waves
To stay or to go is my ordeal for the day
To stand in the light brings burning pain
To the comfort of the dark I do sway
The blissful strains of a person singing
Amazing grace brings me joy
And towards the light I do turn
At my back the darkness beckons,
Wrapping me in its silken comfort
It is home, one I most enjoy
Though the light is blooming and beckoning away
The darkness whispers of the comforts of home
It will wait for another day
Wait for when I return
The day may be tomorrow or later today
But for now I go with the light



  1. You know it never occurred to me that maybe babies do see a tunnel with a light as they are being born and many say they see a tunnel with a light at the end when they died???
    Could this all be a tunnel we are living in and reliving in… and reliving in and …..reliving in?? lol Interesting.


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