Midnight munchies and Karma’s little joke

So tonight is not really a rant-more of praise (or thank you) to whatever karmic energy saw the need to appease my extreme case of midnight munchies.
My day was good, work went well and the bus system was pretty much on time. Woohoo!
So back to my case of the munchies.
Every now and again I get an extreme case of the munchies. Sometimes it will go away right away and other times-like now- I can eat all day and still be hungry. The cool thing about munchie day is that I don’t gain a single solitary ounce. I thought that I was over it, as I have had the munchies almost every day for the past week, but this is not to be so. It has come to my attention or realization that munchies may only go away when you have munched what it is you are craving. Most of the times this is true but not always.
You see, Monday it was burritos. Tuesday it was hamburgers-from Wendy’s. Yesterday was the slurpee (that one didn’t go away so guess what! I’m having one tonight.) Tonight, Jack in the boxes double bacon cheeseburger with a sesame seed bun, curly fries-with Arby sauce (yeah I know so don’t go there!) and a milk shake sounded really good. Unfortunately the only Jack in the box closest to me is in Kapolei-which, you know isn’t a problem as I had gotten off of work which is in Kapolei. No, no. The problem is foresight. I didn’t know that was what I wanted until I was in Nanakuli, a sever distance away since I was on the bus.
So we get back to the 7-11 issue. And the Bus. We all know what happened yesterday with the bus but I decided that with every thought of the greasy, cholesterol inducing mini coma on my mind causing sever salivatory drool to start pooling I had better get something! So off the bus I go into Slurpee heaven I went. I was willing to wait an extra 40 minutes for the bus. By the soda case I went where I got not one but two strawberry crushes. I grabbed an almond Hershey from the shelf. I placed those on the counter while I went to scope out what else might appease my munchie monster. A bag of Doritos and a five layer dip. A bean and beef burrito and last but not least a Slurpee. To the counter I went with much joy in my heart. The drool was pooling at the thought of the chips and dip. I got to the counter and paid and just as my hand was on the door to leave the bus pulls up. I ran across the lot and into the bus (praying the driver wouldn’t make me toss the slurpee as is her right-she didn’t) and up the hill I went. Once ensconced in my apartment, with everyone checked on I stashed my hoard in the fridge with the exception of the slurpee, the chips and the dip. I sat down, booted my computer, slurped a little and opened the bag of chips. Now for the dip.



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