3WT-Yes I know I’m late

“Andivians; once walked the earth…” Hmmm. Orion looked up from the screen. How was it possible? Could the information be incorrect? Getting up she crossed the small library to collect other historical sources, including the bible. That little snippet had not been found in any other text she was sure of it. So why was this ringing bells?
She had closeted herself in the library upon learning that she was going to the comity. Why they didn’t just call it a summit she would never know, nor care. Sitting back in the middle of the carpet with all of the books she needed surrounded her she carefully delved into the texts looking for some cross references. Here is what she found:

From the William Whiston (A New Theory of the Earth 1696) and Henry Morris (The Genesis Flood 1961)
People lived much longer than people today, typically between 700-950 years, as reported in the genealogies of Genesis;The Earth contained many more people than the Earth contained in 1696. Whiston calculated that as many as 500 million humans may have been born in the antediluvian period, based on assumptions about lifespans and fertility rates;There were no clouds or rain. Instead, the Earth was watered by mists which rose from the Earth. (Another interpretation is that the Earth was covered completely by a global cloud layer; the upper waters mentioned in the Creation. This is commonly called the Canopy theory).
William Whiston (A New Theory of the Earth 1696) and Henry Morris (The Genesis Flood 1961) “Antediluvian” is the oldest Vampire in the German story of “Wolfgang Hohlbeins Schattenchronik.”

Plato (429-347 B.C.E.)the story of atlantis.

The one last book that she looked into was an ancient source. No longer considered a religion but a history book, the Holy Bible had many interesting stories in it. The one she read was about Noah and the flood waters. It spoke about the length of years that he lived and the children of women and the son’s of God. “Not possible-not freaking possible” Getting up and pacing to the window Orion stopped in a slant of light and try to come to terms with her studies for the day. She watched as the dust motes dances in the air. So much information, how to tell what was fact and which was the truth man had built to appease themselves. It was ineluctable that there was a history with the Andivians and earth. The question was whether or not it was a good history or not.
Slowly reaching her hand through the dust motes Orion swirled them around so she could gaze at the patterns. Well, she could not stay in the library any longer. Her time with the tutor was drawing near and as much as she wanted to continue to gaze at the patterns in the dust motes she knew that if she was late Nibbens would prolix something fierce about it most of the afternoon.



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