Not really a rant

Ok-so the last couple of days have been good. I get up in the morning and immediately turn on the pc to get to my blog. I enjoy seeing who left a comment and who posted something new so that I would have something to comment on. As I was doing this the other morning I realized that this was not the only time I came to my blog during the day. I have found a new addiction-albeit a great one-but still an addiction. So I decided to see if I could leave it for a day or so. Just to see.
Here is how it went. I didn’t turn on my computer at all the first day. I went car shopping and then to the library where I logged onto the computer to look for more cars and mysteriously found myself at my blog. HHee
Today, I had to turn on my computer to print out a flyer for my kid and again found myself at my blog. I really don’t remember how I got there but there I was. I forced myself to turn it off-computer and all and go do something else. I flipped through the pages of a book and thought instead about all of the delightful things that I could write about in my blog tonight. There were many:
Last nights bus ride and my little chat with “Carmen” A really cool homeless guy that chooses to be homeless. He gathers cans and bottles and recycles. I have never had him ask me or seen him ask anyone else for a hand out. For that alone I like him. He has chosen to live his life this way.
The bus driver who always looks mad is actually pretty nice. I ventured up to the front of the bus and asked a question and got a response. Boy was she talkative. And surprisingly very nice too.
I had the Doctor say “Opps” while in the middle of a minor surgery-I cannot remember if that’s a good thing or not…;0)
Two people have come up to me with something to say-have said that they had something to say and then that they forgot what it was and walked away. I am still contemplating retaliation so-I get back to yall on that.
I ran into an acquaintance who went on to tell me everything about his horrid marriage and cheating wife and then his friends wife who is also cheating because said friend is a *&^(… well you get my drift. I couldn’t move because he sat down next to me and I was trapped in. However the conversation soon changed much to my delight. And this is were my day got slightly morbidly funny. We got on the subject of forensics ( I hobby I would love to participate in someday) and I was telling him about the body farm in Tennessee. He had never heard about it so I was telling him about how people donate their bodies to this new science so that this man can investigate the how what and why’s of death. At one point I noticed my acquaintances roommate listening in on the conversation and me being me just couldn’t resist. The conversation goes something like this :”So these people donate their bodies and this man does things to them like bury them in different ways or stabs them or what have you.” Eric ( the acquaintance)is nodding his head listening and the roommate is leaning his head in as well. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool but I don’t think they will have the guts to do it again” (the cadavers that is) which started Eric and I bandying about different phrases such as “I see dead people”,
They are a dead riot” “they’re a stiff bunch” etc… I know his roommate will now be sleeping with one eye open for awhile.
Did I mention I was grossly morbid?



  1. I knew you were grossly morbid. There’s a science show on the Discovery Channel only in Canada that did a story about the body farm in Tennessee about a month ago. It was really interesting. About a year ago we saw another show about how you can cremate a body and have it mixed with cement in a mold and then placed at the bottom of the ocean as a coral reef type thing. I can’t remember the name of the company that does it but I think they’re based in Florida.


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