Not quite midnight rant

Well what can I rant about tonight? I’m sure if I dig deep and hard enough I can find something. I’m sure I can. Just give me a few moments…
While we’re waiting I have to share the news of a new addition to our home. She is 2 years and 8 months old. Her eyes are amber and her fur is gray. She is very beautiful, our new cat is. Now if she would just come out of hiding so that we could interact with her that would be great!Oh but for the need of patience. We will wait a couple of days and see. If she hasn’t come out by then I’m going in after her. Should she win (inevitably) and I lose I bequeath all my worldly blogs to Quilly and Thom as they seem the two most likely to suffer (not really) through them.
Also joining our little family is a 14 year old blue Saturn station wagon. I never thought at the ahem advance age that I have gotten to that I would have had to learn how to drive again. But alas, my pretty blue car is a standard and since I haven’t had any formal training on one I will need to learn. I can drive it understand, it’s just them there hills and the backwards roll one encounters when starting from a stop that freaks me out. Sorry Thom, I have returned to the darker side, though I will still use the bus most of the time.
being driven allows me to think and ponder things like oh kissing…read my previous post.
All in all it is a fun little zippy car. I only stalled a couple of times, one of which was a purpose.
Now about that rant… I have a garden growing in my apartment-you know the usual assortment of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, chili’s and herbs and now apparently Mushrooms. I think Quilly will get the most out of this one as the soil we are using is Menehune soil. It works wonders with just one little side effect. Mushrooms. You would think they would have told you about them just springing up all over when selling the items to us. Quilly, come quickly your mushrooms are overrunning my garden. I told them to return to you but they just won’t budge. Grrr!
ok-so it’s not much of a rant but it’s all I can come up with. Yee Gawds, I’m happy what am I supposed to do with that? I won’t have anything to rant about…At least for the next 2 days…



  1. ROFLMAO…congrats on the car…the kitten…blah blah blah…they can’t fetch, they don’t do as told…blah blah blah…your poor soil..that’s why when I plant items I just use plain old dirt. ‘shrooms in it LOL


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