Not even a Rant

I have no rant tonight as it was a great night. I must say that after a couple of nights of driving a car, it was nice to be back on the bus. And I will tell you why; when you ride the bus everyday there are people that get to know you and you them. You may or may not speak to one another but you remember faces. Sometimes like tonight you have to take a different bus (I got off work early and took an earlier bus) so I got to see a bunch of new people and speak with one. I actually spoke with her at the bus stop as we were waiting for the bus. She asked if it was ok if she smoked-The wind was blowing in the other direction so I didn’t mind. It was very considerate of her to ask. I wonder what she would have done had I said no? Hmmm, well, I will never know. Once we were on the bus our conversation ended as she sat in the first seat she came to while I started toward the back for another open one. I never made it to the seat because one of the gent’s who takes the bus I normally take was one this one. His name is Carmen. He is an ex-marine, and he, at first meeting, can be a little scary. He has the whole Jesus thing going for him. It’s not a bad thing, just not for me. Anyways he hailed from the back door where he was standing so I went and shook his hand and we started talking story. With all of his weirdness, I have to say that I really like him. He’s 60 years old and looks like an old 30 or young 40 year old. He’s really nice and very opinionated. He’s a talker for sure. He only requires the occasional nod. I only mention him because of all the homeless people I know, I would never in a million years describe him as homeless, mainly because he chooses to live the way that he does. He works, I have never seen him ask for a handout though many people give him things, and he’s reasonably clean. He just chooses to live in a tent on the beaches of Hawaii. I learn a lot in my conversations with him. Which brings me to the whole point of this particular blog- For those of you on the bus and even those that are not, take a moment one day and speak to someone you would normally avoid with a 10 foot pole. You will learn the most interesting and amazing things. It may not be good, but you will still learn.

I would also like to introduce my cat-as yet unnamed (scardy cat comes to mind) because she has been hiding for the past few days. I think we will be calling her Whisper as she is really quiet (if anyone has another word for Whisper that would be great) When we adopted her she was called storm-She’s all grey. But really loveable and sweet. She finally came out on her own today and wondered around. I was met at the door this evening and she commenced with a rub fest. Even my husband woke up to get in on the action. Then he went back to sleep and I came to write my blog and get some pics. She wasn’t cooperating much (typical cat) so I only have a couple of good one.
I will speak more tomorrow- or even Friday morning as I will be up late enjoying my geekness by going to the midnight showing of X-Men Origins. Can’t wait. I let you know if it was good.



  1. Pretty kitty looks like a Russian Blue! Is she?

    I always talk to strangers — and I am one of those lucky people who attract weirdos and you can be certain I talk to more than my share! Often they are quite interesting and not as weird as they look.


  2. Be up in the drivers seat…you meet all kinds. One of the benefits. But I so agree with you a great deal on this. Great advice.

    I don’t like cats at all. They wont fetch, don’t sit, look at you like yeah right. Ooops…sounds like me. I have a suggestion for it’s name: Hawanawana


  3. Oh I love big noses.
    Thats how you choose men too
    A person with a big nose means he can breath better, have stronger lungs which make him a faster runner and therefore a stronger man.
    Cool eh?
    Wanna know how a man is in bed? Ask a lady.
    Its by the way he eats. If he nibbles, he’s a nibbler lol
    Try it next time you go to a restaurant. Watch people eat.You will have a secret no one else knows and knowledge is power lol


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