Poem a day-April 29th

Never Give Up…

Never give up hope
As it will last you through
The hard times, never say
You can’t, for there is always a way,
Never go to sleep mad
Resolve your problems before
Your head hits the pillow,
Never say hateful things,
They will come back to bite you,
Never be closed to new ideas,
You never know when it will come
In handy, Never leave a friend in need,
You will one day need them, Never forget
Your past, no matter how terrible it was,
For it will give you an idea on how
You want to live your future. Never be a burden
Always keep up after yourself, never give in
To the darkness, no matter how tempting,
Remember there is always hope,
It will never let you down, never believe you
Are alone, friends and family will always surround
You, when facing the darkest times now present
And ahead…
Never Give Up



  1. Hey you. I resent that-there are many days when I am cheerful and that other horrible word um… optimistic! yeah I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I’ve been that so there! :0) the stick goes nicely, but only because I have not encountered any Hills yet.


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