“You need not be intransigent William” The elder stood gazing out the window, his back turned to the youth. “You know as well as I that Orion is merely the distraction. Why you persist in your invidious ways is beyond me.”
“Sir, she is but a child, an annoying one at that. Why just the other day I swear she was poking fun at me. I caught her playing in the hall again. When I asked what she was about she said she “was watching the patterns form in the dust motes”. What am I to do with that? She is less than intelligent, if not for the fact that she was first born she wouldn’t be going near those” distaste twisted the young mans face “beings. One would think she was a paladin of old the way people treat her sometimes! And her! She is completely oblivious.” Smoldering, William glared at the elders back, annoyed yet again at the thought of that tedious child.
“In due time William, you will come to see that parts that we all will play. I bid you be patient and by all means keep your opinions to yourself! It will not due to offend her or her father. One careless word on your part and you could sabatoge the whole thing. Now be gone about your duties. I believe you are as yet unprepared for the trip.”



  1. Have you got this all gathered together in one place on a page so I can read it in whole? I seem to be missing part.

    There should be a “Create a page” tab on your template. Copy and paste the bits of your story there. Then, put the page widget in your sidebar. PLEASE!

    I am liking this, and want a big picture.


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