Wordzzle 61

Seriously though, here is my post for this weeks Wordzzle. It took a lot longer than the 5 seconds it took to kill the mongoose 😉 and I used all the words this time. Hope y’all enjoy

“It’s a good thing this place looks like a bordello, what with everyone having a touch of spring fever!” Norman quipped. He looked around the old dusty place before turning to the rest of his crew.
The club was supposed to be a new start for them all. They wanted something different than the old same-o same-o. When they opened they wanted to do something special. They wanted their translation of the place to spread outwards like the midnight ride of Paul Revere, touching everyone’s ears so that they would come to their establishment.
Because they were a club with community ties and wanted to help with the awareness of many projects, every month they would allow 2 nights where everything went to sponsor charity’s and committee events. They would call these events Star Struck, getting people who where in the public eye to donate their time to help the cause. They would auction off a first dance to help raise money. They had already booked two events ahead of schedule and needed to do some renovations. The first event was to save the mongoose. Local people were trying to pass a petition to have them exterminated and the other group wanted to find an alternative method of dealing with them. The other event was about global warming and they wanted to show that there was an alternative-hence the need for renovation as the club was to be the first step in showing that it was possible to run off of alternative energy sources. Since they needed a way to prove it was possible we agreed to do the renovations so that they would have all the data they need before presenting their case.
On the way to the club Donny had a flat tire, so that set him behind a bit. When he went to retrieve the jack from the trunk he realized he had loaned it to his friend and never got it back, which made him even later. This was only a problem as he was supposed to bring breakfast. When it arrived I was slightly disappointed because I love raspberry tarts, but because of the delay they had become stale and crunchy. It was not a way to start off a work morning. We all decided that we would work for a good couple of hours and then head over to the restaurant Cat’s Paw across the street. I hoped they would have pancakes and syrup this late in the day. A man could only be expected to do so much work before he became fragile with hunger.



  1. Great job! I love the last sentence. Made me chuckle. It always delights and amazes me how different people use the different words. Flat tire and the jack in the car trunk… never thought of that. Well done.


  2. Please even stale raspberry tarts are better than pancakes and syrup. We dragons like crunchy and extra crunchy.
    Why in the world are you trying to save a mongoose. we love to eat them. It is bad enough we can’t eat people.
    Loved the story. You write well.


  3. I enjoyed the story. Looks like they have an interesting project ahead of them, and chances are this won’t be the only meal that gets delayed. I frequently eat at odd hours myself, but I can understand that it’s possible to get hungry if a meal isn’t there at the accustomed time for it. I can also relate to having trouble while changing a tire, though it’s more on the order of having the trunk full and having to unload it to get to the spare. One time it wsa raining and everything got wet.

    I also read your earlier story. I liked it, but this one was definitely better.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


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