3WT-Lessons and Ambivalence


“They are an isangelous race, young Orion.” Nibbens paced the length of the study he’d been given to instruct the young lady. Glancing at her, he had to admit there was something about her, something that called to people. Even Nibbens, the most cynicocratical of men saw possibility when in her presence. The ones most captivated by her seemed to be the volgivagant of their race, the ones most in need of hope and change. Still, she was but a normal child and in need of her lessons for the upcoming comity.
“Isangelous-meaning like the angels of old?” Puckered brow, Orion sat on an ottoman for her lesson.
“Exactly, though one cannot be precisely certain of those facts as most records were destroyed in the great fire.” Here Nibbens paused to raise hand to brow as their people did when such an event was referred to. “It has been noted young Orion that the Andivians have from time to time been known to visit other planets at the time of a major change. When such a change has occurred, apanthropinization occurs.” Nibbens waited, stroking his chin as Orion’s perspicacious mind drew patterns and made connections. She was definitely a bright one.
Just as Orion was about to respond there was a fracas of sternutation coming from the hallway. Looking to one another, they both arose simultaneously to go see who or what was causing all the commotion. In the hallway they encountered the ever ebullient gardener, Jackson. Jackson was unfortunate in his choice of professions because of his hitonious allergies, of which there was yet a cure to be found. At one point Orion’s father had offered him the chance to become a numismatics officer in his employ, but to his everlasting frustration, Jackson had refused saying that it was ineluctable his being in the gardens and that he was needed out in the fields. Orion suspected he just wanted a quiet place away from the main house to play his zither.
“Jackson, my good man, what brings you into this everlasting miasma of hallways?” Orion had always loved listening to Jackson speak, as he had one of the most mellifluous of voices of any she had ever heard.
“Miss Orion pleased to see you miss. Your father wanted me to tell him when I saw the bacchante approach. He wanted to know if she was traveling with a paucity of travelers or with a larger group this time. Fortunately she is with a smaller group. I am sorry if I interrupted, Sir Nibbens, lately when I come inside it seems as if I get the most opprobrious attacks.” Jackson looked shamed by the admission and ducked his head.
“No worries Jackson, Nibbens –Ah Sir Nibbens was just instructing me on the Andivians. It was getting quite teterrimous to tell you the truth. All the nice bright clean air and here I am stuck inside. I envy you your position. Perhaps you will allow us to escort you to my fathers study?” Orion peaked mischievously beneath her lashes at the two men. It was widely known that Orion, while loving the outdoors, was an incurable assimilator. She gathered knowledge like the paladins of old gathered noble causes. Neither man was nescience, if she wanted to go with Jackson to her fathers’ study it was so she could learn something new. It wasn’t often that the bacchante visited.
“Since I know you will not focus until you have learned what it is that you want I suggest that you escort Jackson to your father. It was about time to call a break anyways. I am feeling a sublunary space beginning to grow behind my navel and will take myself off to repair it. Miss Orion, I expect to see you back here no later then half past the hour, Jackson, good day to you. It was nice to see you again” With that Sir Nibbens rotated around in the general direction of the kitchens in search of something jussulent and Jackson and Orion headed to her father.


If it hadn’t been for the propinquity of the two rooms and the hallway William would not have heard the susurrus of their approaching feet as it whispered across the carpet. He had been lurking in the alcove in the hopes of overhearing some important news about the upcoming comity. As it was, he had learned little and what he had learned was not worth mentioning.
He and his sire had gone to great prolix to obtain passage on the ship. If he had been even more intransigent he could have sabotaged the entire plan. He must get a better hold on his resentment or he would blow the whole thing.
Looking at Orion as she walked away with the gardener, he could not help but to feel an invidious hatred of the girl. She would be one of the first to fall. His uncle did not know it, but William had a quondam partner waiting in the shadows should things not go the way they had planned. If his uncle hadn’t been such a zoilist, he might see how specious the girl was. It wouldn’t be long before the antediluvian old man was gone as well. He would have to use every bit of casuistry to see it done. He didn’t want to jibber around anymore. He already felt like he was on queachy ground and he had been here too long as it was. As for the anopisthograph, there had been no sign of it anywhere.



  1. Wow! Every word used in a coherent read — and it really wasn’t all that long considering! However, I bet it won’t be an easy read for anyone who isn’t familiar with 3WT! LOL! All those antique words are sure to confuse!


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