MIdnight rant

Midnight rant
Just common decent courtesy

Having been in the customer service industry for nearly 15 years now, I have seen many things. I thought I had seen everything thing though as I am learning on a daily basis this is not true. Let me give you an example. I am folding clothes today and as I reach for a pair of jeans I notice a smear across the leg of it. As I pull it closer I can see that the stain is food and from the pattern looks as if someone unfolded these jeans and used the leg for a napkin. This is only the first for the week. Let’s go to the second one. A lady is standing in front of the packaged t-shirts and takes a quick look around (suspicious activity?) before pulling out one of the shirts. She holds it up then stuffs it and the rest of the box back in the whole and picks up another package-same style, color, and size-and places that one in the basket-Hello! And my most favorite one for the week is the chevron clerk that came into my section. Now I am going to pause here for a minute and explain something. Having worked in a gas station is probably one of the most dirty customer service jobs that I can ever think of having had. Not only do you get to clean up after the all of the inconsiderate assholes that come in and just toss things willy-nilly, but you get to clean up after the considerate ones as well. Then, in between bouts of cleaning and handling money from only heaven knows where you then get to deal with the Wacko’s and creeps that come in. After having worked in this type of environment for many years it has taught me never to crap in anyone else’s place of business when I am visiting. It would just be bad karma. Now having said that lets get back to the chevron clerk. He comes in to my area and I happen to glance up as he stops at the table I am working at. He grabs a handful of shorts, bunches them up and then goes for the next pile. Not really looking, just messing. My ears are starting to ring. Next, he goes to another table and shifts the pile so he can spread out a few more pairs. At the third table, which I can feel my blood pressure has raised considerably, he does the bunching thing again. By the time this man gets to the fourth table I am considering the merits of a.) Going up to him and smacking him up the backside of his head (this thought gave me considerable pleasure I might add) or B.)Finding out which chevron he worked at and going and messing the hell out of it up while he watched. There was a third, but come on, I am not that into extremes…
It brought home the ever seething monster that lurks beneath the surface awaiting release. It was really rooting for option A!

I know I have a tendency to gripe about work but common people think about what you are doing when you’re out there. You don’t have to make a person’s job harder just because it’s their job.

I know I’m a fast driver. I have no problem admitting that. I don’t have a problem with people who drive the speed limit. It is good of them to do so. I don’t even have a problem with them driving in the left lanes, so long as they get out of the way when I’m trying to pass-most do. The problem I have is those people that neither get out of the way and or driver below the speed limit. Here’s why. I am driving a stretch of Farrington hwy with a speed limit of 55 max and 45 min. I am-not so slowly-making my way through traffic on my way to work when I come upon a traffic jam. The speed limit guy is doing the right courteous thing and staying in the right hand land. The stupid, going to drive 35 miles an hour until it looks like someone wants to pass old fart is taking over the left lane. When he notices that fender of the other car edging up to go buy, this person takes his foot off of the break and accelerates not to the speed limit-no that would be too nice-no he goes just fast enough that he catches up to the other car in the other lane and then holds it there for a few miles. He does this continuously, creating a stop and go pattern that is slowly causing traffic to back up behind him. And I am sure at some point when cars finally do go around him he/she cannot understand why they are receiving hand gestures from the other participants on the road. It is at these times that I understand people with road rage, as I have considered (not seriously…well mostly not seriously) nudging them out of the way with my bumper or even passing on the left, where there is no road.



  1. I think I will come to your store and pick things up in one place, put them in my basket, then taken them out in another place, and just leave them wadded up. I will NOT be eating food and wipe my hands on the clothes because that is beyond annoying and borders on criminal!

    So, Farrington Highway hasn’t changed, I guess. Out at our end the other day we had two cars driving side-by-side at about 25 miles per hour while they chatted. I know this because I was immediately behind one of them. We were going down slope so I could tell traffic was backing up behind us for a couple of blocks and so could have they had either of them bothered to look around and consider that they weren’t the only two people using the road.

    I’m not a horn-honker, but the people around me finally started pounding on theirs, and the two jerks woke up. They got it together and pulled off the highway into a shopping center. That left me in the lead and I guarantee, I had to go to the bathroom badly enough I didn’t slow anybody down!


  2. OMG she’s back. I can so picture your Farrington Highway debacle. I can so see that fool in the fast lane. Drive a city bus…it’s always beat the bus and when you go around these idiots they start speeding up just so we can’t get around it. That’s something that has always amazed me. Oh in my head the things I want to say and do LOL. Where’s the godess to bitch slap that fool 🙂


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