Fast Food nightmare

I went into the store the other morning to buy breakfast for my family. a couple of bananas, orange juice and a wrap. I spent about $20. As I was leaving my husband commented that it would have been cheaper to go to the fast food joint across the street. He was right, it would have, at most only cost us about $9 dollars. Now for the point of my story and hence the beginning of my rant:
At what point in our society did it become cheaper to feed our families and selves at the local grease covered, salt induced, MSG infiltrated joint instead of cooking them a healthy nutritious meal?
Don’t believe me? Let’s use McDonald’s for this rant. I can feed my family at McDonald’s for $12 tops. That’s with desert by the way. (Yes I raid the dollar menu like no ones business.) Now lets take the same meal (hamburger, buns, onion, ketchup, potatoes, soda pop, ice cream) the cost of meat is high, so when we find it on sale lets say $6 dollars, buns run about $4, onion $2 (already at $12) ketchup $3, potatoes will range anywhere’s from $5 to $7, soda pop $2 to $3, and ice cream will take about another $5. Let’s see that totals roughly $27 dollars. Not to mention that it is not even that healthy.
Want a better comparison? Lets look at vegetables & fruits (did you notice most fast food places don’t have tomatoes anymore?) Tomatoes go for about $4 per/lb, lettuce is $3 a head or per lb depending on what type, onions $2/lb, spouts $3/bag (if you can find them) celery is about $2 Apples will run from $2-4$, pears $2-$3, oranges $3-$4 etc… you can see where I am going with this, which btw, runs about $27 too. Meat is not much better-Chicken, which I don’t like but eat because it’s cheaper then red meat, has even gotten expensive. Must be all the drugs they are pumping into them. (Which by the way, is another rant) So we can barely afford meat, vegetables, fruits and grains (which you cannot find out of a health food store these days). People wonder why the American population is so obese. This is why. We have conditioned ourselves, along with corporate America, to accept it. Heart disease, cancers, cholesterol, unknown sickness, depression, debt (yes debt), some of these can be cured with a healthy diet and changing simple things, and yet we, as a society we won’t do it. We like the fast and easy. We like the government subsidies that are given to withhold parts of our crops instead of taking them to the farmers market.
I am sure some people are scratching their heads and some are saying that they don’t eat out. Great, that’s a good start. But what are you bringing into your home to eat? Package of ramen? Chips and soda? Bag of cookies? All of these things, which are cheaper then healthy foods (hello!) are just as bad. I would say plan your meals around the food pyramid, but when looking I noticed that the USDA had added fats, oils and sweets-when did they do that? When I was a kid it was real simple, grains, fruits, vegetables, meats/poultry and dairy. When the hell did sweets and oil become a daily necessity people? AAARRRGHHHHHH! So frustrating! I will leave at this since I am becoming more frustrated just thinking about it.
You are probably wondering what sort of hypocrite I am-I try really hard not to be- so I have taken it upon myself to make changes. I am growing my own garden, in a small apartment no less. I eat out less and less each month. I have not fully weaned myself away from all fast food, but my family and I are getting there. (We have a weight loss goal too!), also, we patronage farmers markets and look for inexpensive places to shop. Living in Hawaii, this is especially hard as everything is marked up twice the normal price but it can be done. So that’s it for now… After I calm down a little I will write more-see if I don’t.



  1. I have always wondered why when you go to a Health Food Store why things are more expensive. And I’ve seen on TV this lady that does the healthy thing also. She helps kids with starting gardens etc and she says it’s more expensive. Doesn’t make any sense to me. But there again, if we all ate healthy…would we have such use for Doctors and Pharmacies etc? Oh the mighty US dollar


  2. You know, for the most part, all those things you purchased — lettuce, tomato, ketchup, onion — even the hamburger — ought to have made more than the three burgers you’d have bought at McD.

    As to sweets being added to the food pyramid — I’ve no clue, however, some oil is a necessity, it’s just that we usually get plenty from our foods without deliberatly adding more.


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