3WT and not posting

My excuse…well I could come up with many. I was at my computer and I had the words up to write a story. Heck, I had them up the night before. I thought I would come back to it after work or later in the day before work. Instead:
My computer was acting really really slow, infact you could say that it was quiddle-ing along
The sun was striking this guys glabrous head and creating such a shine that I couldn’t see the screen
and quite frankly, the computer is not as uxorious to me as my hubby. (I think it might help if I paid the bill :0))
I could go on,but I think it would be better if I left it for now-especially since my time on the library computer is running out and contiuously sending me messages to hurry up and get off…Ogg!


3 thoughts on “3WT and not posting

  1. Now what is wrong with your computer?! And you did a fabulous job of not participating in 3WT. I hope you signed Mr. Linky.


  2. I do not know. It just may be time for a new harddrive. Don’t tell J I said that as he will be the first one out the door!


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