Evening observations A.K.A Rant

Just a few thoughts for the evening…Little things that have happened throughout my evening (and week) that I thought was funny or just want to get off of my chest ( because, you know, I already have plenty there as it is…)

Back home we call men that want to look like women but aren’t necessarily gay transvestites. Here on the island we call them Mahu’s (pronounced Ma Hoo).

Last weekend, while at a mother daughter tea (hosted by the girl scouts) one of the troopers(?) was telling me that they no longer refer to a heated discussion as an argument but as a ‘creative discussion’.
My child is going to a banquet with dancing. When I asked her if she was going to be dancing her response was “Dancing is not my thing” and gave me the look…

I love this look as there can never be enough words for her to convey her distaste in such things that she finds, well, distasteful. Apparently dancing is one of them. While a large part of me is doing cartwheels, raising my arms to the sky goddess and having a grand ole time about the fact that she doesn’t yet want to get that close to boys, another, admittedly very small, part of me is a little saddened by this. Dancing can bring enormous joy and fun. You can loose yourself in it if you allow. Mostly though, in regards to my child, I feel sad that she is closing herself off to an avenue that she really shouldn’t be. At least not yet. OH well- maybe she will change her mind….here’s me hoping (maybe not;))



  1. They force children to grow up so fast today and I personally am heart broeken because I would so much like to spend more quality time with them and love them as they should be loved.
    It’s just not right in my mind and society doesn’t seem to care.
    Their loss.


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