Just sharing…

My pj’s smell like cat butt
There is cat hair all over my face
And my kitty is now extremely happy…

And I am sure you are shaking your head at the image this is probably putting in your head, all the while saying to yourself this falls under the heading of TMI-just the same you are curious…
SO-hehehe- get your minds out of the gutter (or sicko heaven depending on your take). My cat was just happy that I was home hopped up on my chest where she immediately started kneading my belly while I was petting her. When she changed position she disturbed her hair (which had already been disturbed by the aforementioned petting) which blew into my face at that exact moment. As for the smell-well, she happened to have just left the little box, and I didn’t realize it until too late. Don’t worry, face is now clean-I’m allergic to cats (yes I know!) so I had to get it off right away, and change the pj’s as there’s no way in hell I’m going to sleep with that smell on me.



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