Above and beyond

Above and Beyond
Customer service
It’s not often that I meet someone who is better at customer service than me, but today I had the opportunity. Today while at work an older gentleman approached my co-worker and I and stated that he was looking for a pair of shorts like the ones that he was wearing. He stated that he had gotten them a year ago and wanted to get more like them. He was unsure which brand they were, so I directed him to a pair that looked like the ones he was looking for and left him to browse. My co-worker stayed with him and directed him to another section of shorts that I had not seen. When I looked up his back was turned towards her and her hand was clutching the back of his shorts. This startled me so much I let out a laugh-It was just that funny. She giggled as well but continued to help the customer. He found what he needed and grabbed another pair and went on his way. Quite happy. Though most of the time we grumble about how slovenly some of our customers are, the situation today made me think about their perspective of us-whether they are happy with the service they recieved. Never-and I mean never in million years would I have thought to or carried out pulling down that back of a customers pants to find out what brand they were, just so I could give them that little bit of extra help. So hat’s off to my co-worker who taught me something new today as well as gave me a chuckle. Here’s to looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

3WT– This weeks word-list is we have rubefacient, senticous, & divagations.

Jackson was not one prone to divagations but he was rarely alone with the child. Not all people really saw him as anything but a gardener, but Orion, upon first meeting him had given him a stately bow-as if he were royalty himself-and informed him from then on that should he ever be in need of her services he was but to command it. Not ask, mind, but command. It was one of the reasons people watched her closely. She had a way of seeing things that others missed altogether. It made her both great and dangerous.
“Miss Orion I have a question to ask of you? A favor, if you will?” Jackson watched as Orion looked around, pausing as she came past a ray of sunshine blazing through the windows. Looking at it, most would only see the dust motes whirling around-nothing at all special in that. But it gave Orion pause. It was that pause that alerted Jackson that something was amiss. Glancing around Jackson could not see or sense anything, but when he turned back to Orion, it was to find her looking intently at him with a finger to her lips. It was clear that he was to be quite.
Orion, knowing that they were not really alone but unable to tell Jackson this, waited as the gardener understood her request for caution. With an inclination of his head, Jackson struck up the conversation again. He put his question on hold for now, as he watched the child. “I have a new flower growing in the green house-a special one just for the comity, and well I was wondering if you would be so kind as to deliver it?”
“But of course Jackson. What kind of plant are we talking about? Is it one of your new hybrids? Is it senticous, like the last one? Can I have a look this afternoon after lessons?”
“Sure, sure miss. How about after the evening meal? It blooms when the moon rises” Jackson looked around carefully but saw nothing. He watched as Orion’s brow furrowed. She was staring at the dust motes in a distracted manner. If asked, she would probably just say that she was looking at patterns. Jackson knew better. He would speak to her later.
To William listening in, this did not sound at all unusual. Everyone knew that Jackson had the finest green thumb on the entire planet and that Orion fallowed him around every chance she got, learning all she could about them. He slipped out of the doorway further into the room behind him. His face rubefacient as he slipped out using the hidden entrance-same way that he entered. There was nothing more to be learned here. He had wasted enough time here as it was.



  1. Grrrr — blogger just ate my comment! Had you asked before starting your blog I so wouldn’t have let you start it here!

    I am loving the story so far and wanting to know how it is Orion knew they were being spied upon. I hope next week comes quickly!

    AND, I may just have to drive across the island and start shopping at your store just to watch you rummage around inside your customer’s clothing. Can’t wait for the day some old man figures out how accommodating you are and asks you to check for the brand of his underwear!


  2. Wonderful story. I’m really enjoying this. I wonder if Orion and William are in some sort of conspiracy or something like that. Having to wait another week *sigh* but worth it.

    You know I don’t know if it’s just me but I wouldn’t touch a customer myself. I’d be afraid of sexual harrassment. We even have to be very careful strapping in an ADA passaenger for fear they might accuse the driver of that. Our society has gotten outta hand in that respect. You try and be helpful and friend and ya get slapped with a lawsuit…fun fun


  3. Thom, I can tell you this-Orion and William are not in cahoots and thats all I’m saying. Quilly, You’re not paying attention. Read it again and you will be able to see I think. There is one recurring theme with Orion. See if you can catch it. If not…well, you’ll just have to wait and see like all the rest won’t you 😉

    As for the blog. I have been thinking along the same lines. I will have to change it soon I am sure. But till I do this will have to do.


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