I feel sick. Have for the last two days. Don’t you just hate it when your body cannot decide to give in and hurl(just to be done) instead of just feeling like you do and then you don’t?
I am looking forward to this weekend though and hope that I get over whatever it is so I can go out and visit-I get to help a friend pack for the mainland (boohoo) and go to a barbecue at another’s. All in all a good weekend. If only I get over what is ailing me.
and that’s all I’m sharing tonight…
except I have to tell about this really funny conversation my co-workers and I had tonight. It started out asking one another is we had seen the new star trek movie and whether or not we like it. (we did) then we went on to what was the next movie we were going to see as a group (Transformers).
He wanted to see Terminator-it comes out next week.
I told him I just couldn’t get stoked about the movie as it didn’t have the elements that I needed-mainly that being Linda Hamilton and Arnie.
He said that Arnie will probably have a digitalized cameo-from there we got onto Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift and Vin Diesel-Yes I know, He’s hot-which I stated out loud, but we bashed the first movie and pointed out the greatness of the others. He said the last one was better then the first(at which time I was pointing out the Diesel is hot-but Gay!)
“Gay? No way he couldn’t be” was his response.
“yep, he said it in an interview”
“I don’t believe it” he said.
“You could always Google it and see” I said.
“Who’s gay?” another co-worker
“Vin Diesal” he said.
“NAh Unh!” She said “He can’t be!”
“Yeah he is” I said.
“But he’s so masculine” he said.
“You would know” I said 😉

Note: I don’t really know if VD is gay-nor do I care as he has such a lovely voice-but if you Google it he says that he is not. Sorry for any misleading that may have ensued.



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