just alittle rant with a little story too…

Evening rant: Can someone please oh please tell me why it is people feel that it is necessary to wad up a piece(s) of clothing and stuff them in between the layers of other clothing? Are they embarrassed or feeling guilty by the fact that they cannot refold it or that they made a huge mess? Come on people, it’s really simple-really really simple. See you unfold the item to look at it and if you don’t like it you just lay it on top so that we can see it and refold the bloody item! Nice and simple like, see?

Ok-enough ranting about clothes…for tonight anyways. It feels like months since I last participated in a wordzzle challenge, (Sorry about that Raven) and since I like the words so much it’s going to be a long post… get your mugs of whatever ready folks before reading any further.

“The story goes that under the surface of the marble trench lay buried the albino Indian.” “Whats so special about this albino Indian?” spoke the assistant.
“Well, it was said that the day he was born was the day that the temple fell. It is why he was buried in the trench instead of within the temple itself. If you look at the grand design you will see that the moat ran directly parallel to the trench.”
“What was so special about this person?”
“Well, he was supposed to be the one to sound first principles”
“Sound first…What’s that supposed to mean?” exclaimed the assistant.
“Don’t be so impatient youngster, or you’ll need an aspirin soon. Let’s see, my notes say that this albino warrior was supposed to bring the curtain down by being the key thing. You see, his people were doomed-though they will not say to or from what. I guess we’ll find out when we unearth him…”

Under the surface of the grand design, the temple had the key thing that both the albino and the Indian needed. Up the trench and past the moat then down through the curtain, all will be doomed where even aspirin cannot help if the Sound First Principles is not completed correctly. Don’t know what’s that supposed to mean? Well you will.

Ok-so not that long. only because my eyes are burning with the need to close them and my head is pounding ostensibly. Hope everyone has a terrific memorial day weekend.



  1. You see that kind of thing in grocery stores as well. People just decide they don’t want something and put it where ever they are in the store. Intriguing story and great use of the words for the Wordzzle.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend 🙂


  2. Sounds like this could be an irritating problem but alas it is what people do . Sometimes I get to the cash and begin counting my money and then look for something to put back. No.. don’t ever think to walk back to where I got the thing. The line up is too long to stand in again lol


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