Hello world!

Hey everyone,

As you can see I have changed to WordPress. This is mainly due to versatility. I am still learning the site so please bear with me. If you have any problems(or much needed advice) just let me know.  As always thanks for reading and all comments.



9 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • ok- so earlier you said it would transfer the information from the other blog? How do I get it to do that? Help please…


    • Ah, glad you like. I am of course still tweaking it-hey I’m a tweaker! hehehehe-no, not really but it’s cool to say sometimes.
      Agh! I need sleep.


  1. You have decided to rub me out and you expect me to help you do so? Isn’t that kind of like asking me to load the gun you’re going to shoot me with?

    Fine then. Go to your “users” tab, click on me, and select “delete”. Poof. No more Quilly.

    Could you at least throw a nice funeral?


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