So this weeks is a little small-I am playing with Jackson’s fate and as such could not write more at this time. I will be posting soon though…

Jackson’s secret – niddering; amanuensis & tyro

Jackson had known the day would come when he would have to revel himself. Though he did not think of himself as a niddering man, he found himself anxious about the thought that soon, one other person on this planet would know his truth. It wasn’t so much that he feared coming out of the closet so to speak-no it was something much simpler than that. He was afraid that the little girl Orion would be offended. That the trust and friendship that they had built would be broken upon learning his truth was unendurable.
When he had come he had been a tyro, green and happy to learn all he could about this sector. It was in-fact his job. He was an amanuensis of sorts for his people. He had a very simple task. With the comity on the horizon, that task was now finished. He could go home.
Well, he could only have faith that Orion would forgive him his evasion and help him. It was a favor of titanic proportions that he would be asking of her. He paced slowly through the rows of the green house as he waited for Orion to show.



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