nightly update

Do you ever have those days when one subject just keeps popping up in different venues? Today it was the manikins. At work we have these plastic manikins for the swimsuits. Now, I know they’re plastic and they don’t really depict a real person but all in all I still feel like perv just handling them ( you can really only hold them one way so you don’t hurt yourself or others) or when I am putting a suit back onto one(it almost looks obscene when we are doing this). I am not the only one that feels like that either so don’t be psychoanalyzing people. Later, after we had restocked the swimsuits and redressed a couple, my co-worker pointed out that we shouldn’t leave the extras out-they tend to get tossed in the garbage- Her exact wording was “Where did we want to hide the bodies as we really shouldn’t leave the evidence lying around” or something like that. It made my day. Later one of the sups (short for supervisor for those not in the know) called us to the front for HR training on harassment-my automatic response, which I unwittingly stated out was “But I like to be harassed and harass people” The training was cancelled. (No, not because of me) and yes I still have my job. At least I did when I left.

So in a nut shell that was my day. Not a bad one after having had 3 days off in a row I might add.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.



  1. I think you should plant one of those bodies in Thom’s garden …. 😉

    The feed reader chose to ignore you. I wondered why you’d not posted in so long! I will have a serious talk with Google about this!


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