Jackson’s secret Continues…

3 WT-Week 17 risible, invigilate, & stagnicolous

Orion loved Jackson. He was her friend and was most risible, though not many took the time to notice. Most people saw only a gardener when they looked at Jackson, but not her. She had known since the day that she had met him in the meadow outside her home that he was different. She could not at that time explain what the difference was, but over time, when she had naught to occupy her mind she had worked out what that difference was. She had never told Jackson that she knew. She did not want to drive him away into hiding anymore than he already did. Also, she respected his privacy. If he wanted to tell her he would. She could only hope that he would soon. She had a feeling their time was coming to an end.
Ever invigilate; Orion knew that change was coming. She just couldn’t get a handle on it. Starring at the dust motes only added to her confusion lately and she found that she wasn’t as centered as she used to be. The change that was coming frightened her and she couldn’t be all that certain that it was going to be a good change. She shook her head at the thoughts that crowded them on this day. She had much to share with Jackson and was most curious about his new project in the green house. Opening the door a shaft of fading sunlight burst across the opening throwing into sharp relief an array of dust motes in the most amazing patterns. Freezing on the threshold, Orion tried to take in as much of it as she could.
“Orion? You ok child?” Jackson looked up to see Orion standing in the shaft of light, wondering why she was pausing in the doorway. She had the most bemused expression on her face. If Jackson didn’t know any better he would say that it was fear and reverence. But that couldn’t be as she was not staring at anything. “Orion?” Jackson felt a shaft of fear when she didn’t answer or look to him. Hurrying up the aisle, he bumped one of his new stagnicolous plants onto the floor. The sound of the breaking ceramic only caused a momentary pause while Jackson jumped over it in his haste to get to Orion. He was about a foot away when the last rays of the sun finally faded and Orion looked at him. Looking at her face he came to an abrupt halt. He could not understand the expression coming from her now. It was a combination of joy and fear and love, all rolled into one. It was this look that terrified him the most. He knew in that moment that she knew. It was the look of fear that did him in. He thought, mistakenly, that it was a fear of him that had put that look on her face. He bowed his head in shame and felt as if his heart was breaking.
Smiling, Orion stepped up to Jackson and reached for his hand. He flinched, but did not pull away as she placed his palm in her hand. “My sweet Jackson, you do not need to look so sad. I know what it is that you were going to tell me, and I need to tell you that there is no need.” Smiling still, Orion ducked her head so that her eyes could meet Jackson’s downcast ones. “The answer to your question you have yet to ask is yes. Of course I will help.”
“But… you… how… I didn’t… who… I never…Can you explain please?” The relief Jackson felt as well as the confusion was plain to see in his furrowed brow. She knew and yet here she stood-no wait-best to make sure what it was that she was claiming to know. This could be some cosmic misunderstanding that could get all blown out of proportion should it not be what he or she was thought. Raising his hand to stop her form responding to his last question he asked “Please, I need to know what it is you think I was going to tell you and what it is you are saying yes to.”
Chuckling maniacally the author decided to leave it hanging right here until next weeks 3WT.



  1. Great story Of course we have to wait again another week for more of the delicious details to come out but it’s well worth the wait. Q…I did make some bad mistakes in my 3WT. They have since been corrected. LOL. Excellent my friend


  2. Quiet here. I have been away. In lala land, where all I knew was fever and potty breaks. I am back. Unfortunately while I was away, Thom took Amoeba to the airport. I am back all alone. sob.


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