I’m Back!

Ok, so I have been gone quite a while-Life interceded for awhile there and I didn’t have much time (nor much want) to log in and be sociable. It happens-deal with it. I’m sure most all of you have days like that. In my case it turned out to be a couple of weeks. Wahooo! So now I’m back, though no less busy. I still go to work, still trying to do the volunteering thing at the Humane Society (let me tell you, they don’t make it easy) and also trying to sign up to be a troop leader for my girls troop as hers disbanded. Did you know they are pretty darn slow getting back to a person? One would think that since there was no one in this area of the island to host a troop they would have been knocking on my door the minute I contacted them-
Sadly this was not the case. As it turns out I had to hound them for a little bit. I’ll let you know what happens. (Did you know that to be a troop leader you have a five page app to fill out-some of which I don’t think is relevant?) oh well.
What I am not doing is helping my friend move back to the mainland anymore. I am done. Finite. I am basking in the glory of not having to drive across the island almost every day to do this.
Mind you, I do miss my friend and I would gladly help her out again. Of course I may have to revert to hostile tactics with her landlord before doing so again.
This lady is a nightmare. Sure, she comes off as being sweet. She makes you think she is a caring human being. But in truth she is the devil woman. The lady has no concept of boundaries. I was sitting on the couch one morning eating my breakfast when she came down stairs. I had locked the screen door and she was trying to get in. When that failed to open she went around to one of the others doors to get in-when that one turned out to be locked she then  went to the final door-which sadly was not locked-and let herself in without so much as a by you leave. She didn’t even knock. UGH!!! some people. She’s one of those you can tell things to and she responds accordingly but the minute you stop talking the she-demon continues on as if you hadn’t even been there speaking to her a moment ago. Did I yell UGH!@ yet? Very frustrating, but thankfully I don’t have to deal with her anymore. Yippie!!!!!

Anywho, that’s what has been keeping me from my beloved blog. It is definitely a form of stress relief. Now, if only I could find the next part of my story for 3WT…

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Quilly

    Welcome back.

    You know you are going to have to go through the finger printing and the FBI and stuff to get this volunteer position? Yep.


  2. Thom

    Welcome back…Good luck with being a troop leader…those poor girls better watch out…we are going to have mini OJM’s running about…oops…that wont be too bad…she calls ’em as she sees ’em LOL



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