Interpetation of Yellow

Ok-so what the hell people, Comments are great but when someone spam’s me with crap-type stuff with a website that leads to even greater crap it just gets to be really annoying. Usually this is not a problem since you can just delete the comments but if, like me, you sometimes accidentally hit the approve button then you have to take time out of your normal browsing to clean up the crap. I just really loathe that.  Oh well. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of that going on these days. Yes-for those of you who know me-Pollyanna just won’t go away. I find nothing that I can rant about anymore. I have become complacent in life. I am liking people again. At least sometimes when I’m not thinking homicidal thoughts about some of them but that’s for another day. Today while on the way to work I was being driven and my husband came up to a yellow light and slowed to a stop before it turned red. My response of course was “it’s only a suggestion you know.” Too late the light turned red. (This of course is open to interpretation. the red light that is) I got to thinking about some of our traffic idiosyncrasies. In California, they have the California Roll-essentially it means that you don’t actually stop but pause or slow your car before continuing through the stop sign. In Wyoming, it’s “hold this beer while I try this”. I don’t think this one needs explaining. Arizona is the state of the two finger driver. NO. This is not what you think. It just means that the steering wheel is so damn hot that the only way to drive is by using the tips of your first two fingers to steer with. Or you knee-which ever one is more spare-able.

I don’t know where this one came from but it could be applied to many a state-“get in, shut up and hold on”. Now having said that let me tell you about Hawaii’s little idiosyncrasy. Yellow lights are a suggestion, Red lights are open to interpretation, and the speed limit is posted only so that the visitors feel comfortable driving here (and for the really old people) and I have yet to hear of a person getting a ticket for speeding. Hell, I don’t even think the cops even know what a radar gun is or it’s uses.

Point in fact, speaking to one of my co-workers the other day, he was telling me that he had to go to court. When I asked why he told me he got a ticket. “Speeding?” I asked?

“No, Racing” was his response-apparently it means something else? I asked him how fast he was going. “About 15 miles” He said. Now, color me silly but when did going 15 mph constitute speeding? It doesn’t. I had to think about his response for a little bit before I understood that Racing and Speeding are not necessarily synonymous with one another.  When I finally had it cleared in my head, which I had to shake in silent disbelief, I wondered what the point in racing was if you weren’t going to reach a maximum speed. I mean the whole point of racing is to go fast. In fact, you usually want to go as fast as the hollow piece of plastic surrounding you will allow. I mean, what fun is it to race someone at only 15mph unless it’s in one of those new electric wheel chairs-and then that’s just, well we won’t go there. Anyway, just remember when visiting Hawaii, yellow lights are a suggestion and red ones are interpretations.

Happy 4th everyone. Please be safe.



  1. Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Okay. I don’t know what rock you have been living under, but trust me, HPD is out there all the time with radar guns. Everywhere you look,. Maybe it’s because I drive that I see them more, but trust me they are there. And we have been told that anything above 5 mph over is speeding. As for racing…go johnny go, go johnny go go go. LOL Love the interpretation of yellow and red lights. Are you a terror on the road? All I know is when I see you behind the wheel, I’m running for my life 🙂 Aloha


    • You only see it because you live on the upstanding side of the island. You know, the place where all the visitors hang out at. HPD has to maintain that impression that it is safe here. On this side of the island though, HPD is more concerned with mundane things like people killing one another and domestic disturbances. Go figure ;0)


  2. This I know — I never stop for a yellow light without checking the rear view mirror because the jerk behind me might interpret them differently than I. I do realize if I get hit, it won’t necessarily be considered my fault — but that won’t make it hurt any less or (heaven forbid) make me any less dead.

    And Las Vegas and Oahu both seem to have an inordinate amount of drivers who don’t know that RED means stop. Having said that, my cousin Randal and I are in the car at an intersection. I am driving. I am complaining about the the visibility problem at the intersection. “Somebody needs to take that bush out. I can barely see around it and don’t know how safe it is to pull out.” (While speaking I accelerate — zoom — across the street.) My dear cousin Randal drawls, “Well, you know, most of us just wait until the stop light changes.” So I looked in the rear view mirror and sure enough, I’d run a red light.


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