ok, so maybe

OK-so I am not necessarily certain if I stopped blogging because there are now more options with wordpress and therefore more of a headache or if I just miss blogspot and the simplicity of it. I have been thinking that I will have to go back to blogspot for now since it fulfills all of my needs. Mainly that being simplicity. Even though it is lacking the ability to organize, which is why I changed in the first place, it was a lot more fun. Of course if I could figure out all the ins and out of wordpress I just might be able to utilize it a little bit more. Perhaps one of yall could give me a few suggestions before I begin exodus back to blogspot.

Alrighty then, the highlight of my day was not watching the couple tear apart a table of clothes I had just finished or having hearing that one of my co-workers called in on one of the busiest days of the week and leaving us with only two (which is way better then being by yourself and having to fix all 26 tables of clothing yourself). Nope, it was two very different things. The first being that we bought a new mini digital camera to tide us over until we can afford a nice big SLR digital camera that will probably set us back at least 1G. The little cam we bought today is small and compact and does everything that we need it to do for a short time at least. Now we finally have a cam that works and we can start taking pics again. Yeah!

The second thing was watching my co-work drool all over himself as he was talking on the phone. He was totally embarrassed. Poor guy did it in front of one of the pretty girls too and she saw. I, being the totally sensitive and caring person that I am laughed at him for quite some time. Hey it was funny. How often do you see a person with all their faculties drool on themselves?

As for the rest of the week. Well, I am slowly killing off my small jungle, I need to find a place to park my friends car until I can get it sold, I have watched an ungodly amount of movies this past week (if you get the chance see “My life in Ruins” it was cute and funny for a romantic film. I think that about catches every one up to what I have been up to for the past few days or so  and for tomorrow the peis de resistance as I anticipate the battle of all battles when I try to bathe my kitty (I think she got fleas as she keeps itching a lot lately) I’ll let you all know how that goes – but don’t worry if I haven’t gotten back to you for a couple of days…

So hope you all are having a great day, weekend, whatever and Quilly when are you coming home?


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  1. Confused. How is it you find WordPress more difficult? Why? What do you want to do and not know how to do? Open your compose page. click on the far right icon above the compose window and it will open up a tool bar that works pretty much like Microsoft. Compose. Easy peasy.


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