Briefly and also 3WT

Ok-So I know the Dahmer thing was a little overboard (and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended) Though at the time I wrote it it was were I was. Little kids bunched up in a small class room yelling and screaming is my form of hell. Give me a case of duct tape any time. I will use it most effectively. hehehehe

ok-I got home and sat down to my computer to check to see if anyone had been by my blog when I realized that I had a bad case of the munchies. Instead of hopping on a bus to go down the hill to the local 7-11 to get my fix I raided my fridge. I came out with a bowl of mashed potatoes and a slice of cheese. As it was the only thing that didn’t require more then 2 minutes in the microwave I decided to go there.  Surprisingly it was filling and solved my munchie fix. Now if only I hadn’t realized it was close to midnight. Awe well. If I should turn into a Grimlin then the attitude won’ t be much different then normal-in fact the only change will be the green slimy skin. Woohooo!

On another note, I must commend Laurell K Hamilton for her new book. She had fallen off of my top five fave authors when her books became more porn than story (not that I really mind the porn but it shouldn’t be stand alone. I need story) Her lastest book has seen me  3/4 of the way through it before there was a sex seen. I cannot remember the last time this has happened, so I am all over happy to be getting a story. Hopefully she will continue this trend. I like her lead character and think she is  a very strong writer so we will give her another chance and see what she brings next.


So here is my lame attempt at 3WT. It is by far and away my worst effort as I really want to get back to my book but also the words are killing me.  So here goes…

There was an acrasia of stress among the queens subjects as they all wondered in the murklins dungeons, twitching in fear at every oncethmus. In the end, though, they found there was nothing to fear. The queen was just in a fit and thought it would be nice to put them all there as a joke.



  1. Well I see the Queen is the only one that rates a response from ya pfffft… Loved your 3WT. Very clever I must say. But “Her Hineyess” just in a fit? I say she enjoys throwing people in there myself. Let’s hope your next LOL


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