Drag Me To Hell…

If I didn’t love horror then this title would be aptly named. It might make some people who have seen it feel like they were in the process of being dragged to hell-but not me-no no no I absolutely love how cheesy horror flicks are these days. They are my comedy, especially when you have the small fagile heroine holding a large butcher knife in her hand saying “here kitty kitty”.  I won’t ruin the movie anymore then that for those that are just dying to see it but let me just say it doesn’ t end on a happy note. Which of course is my favorite thing about this particular movie. I don’t need that happy ending. Some people think that movies need it-but no-they are wrong. Not everything ends on a happy note (though it is nice on occassion) but common people it’s a horror movie! They aren’t supposed to end happily…Horrifically yes, just not happily. Now having said my piece I bid you all adieu for the evening. Sweet Dreams!Here Kitty Kitty



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