Epiphany’s can sometimes be good and bad for people. Some people just don’t want the revelations that come with them. For me, one the rare occasion that it does happen, it has always been a very good thing-Or as I like to say I have finally pulled my head out of my arse and took a look around-ehh, epiphany sounds better.  I had a mother of many epiphany’s today and while I won’t tell you what they are-mostly to annoy some people but also because they are private-I can tell you what brought some of them about. You see for the past two months school has been out and my family has been home with me through all of it-stealing (yes stealing) valuable alone time in the mornings that I didn’t realize that I both liked having and aparently needed.

To get to my point, Today was back to school for everyone and Boy what a relief that was-don’t get me wrong I love my family dearly but at times I like to be alone. Really really alone. And I was. I realized that there are many things that I do when they are not here that I cannot do when they are, if that makes any sense.  [TMI WARNING-TMI COMING UP] Like going to the bathroom with the door wide open, walking from the bathroom to my bedroom after a shower ne’ked instead of covering up, watching inappropriate movies my kid cannot watch and being able to do so during the daylight hours. Little things like that. It gave me such joy to do this that I was in a really really good mood today.  All the way up to work and well into it until I was folding some of our new clothes and this lady decided to stand in front of me and unfold the same ones that I had just folded while she was standing there. And here is where my blissfully happy great, start of many epiphany’d day ended.

The lady in the exorcist has nothing on me. If my head could have revolved it would have. I knew my face was changing from peaceful bliss to thunderous scowl. I could feel it doing so. The cheek bones tightening, the forehead dropping,  the eyes getting smaller, the ears lifting and slightly tilting out. My lips disappeared entirely. And the lady didn’t take the hint. I couldn’t speak because to do so would have started me in yelling what an inconsiderate jackoff she was. I try not to embarrass parents in front of their kids but this one was leading by example. So I kept quite. Instead I moved in front of her and started folding. She got the hint and went away with her miserable little kid.  I took my lunch at this point. It wasn’t long enough.  But I went back. It’s a good thing no one stole my cart. That would have really been the last straw for the evening.

Oh and BTW people, If you are ever in a store and you see a cart with merchandise sitting there-don’t take it. If it is not another customers it is one of the clerks and nothing is more annoying then leaving a cart full of stuff that  is in the process of being, well, processed and walking away for a moment only to came back and find said cart not only gone but all possessions inside the cart placed on whatever available surface is available. You ever wonder why some clerks seem so pissy. This is just one of the reasons. It’s a big one. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s Rudeness. There’s no reason for this.

Well, I think that’s all I’m sharing tonight-Only because I forgot about two appointments I have to get up for early tomorrow. I am off to ponder my many epiphanies while I settle in to get some shut eye.


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  1. So. Give. I want the rest of the story. Are you leaving your family and moving out on your own where you will forever have peace and quiet, never have to shut the bathroom door and can lick the dishes to your heart’s content?


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