I feel…

I feel

It is neither bad nor good. I think it is mostly good.

To feel, that is.

It is a most exquisite feeling.

To feel that is.

The body hums

The skin tingles

The heart flutters

I feel

The wind as a sensation

One that is indescribably tantalizing

It is like a lover

It flirts over the skin

Runs it fingers through the hair

It brushes against the face

It is a caress against the lips

I feel

The embrace of a winter storm

The shivers running across

The breath comes out in a fog

The nights have become shrouded

The blanket keeps in the warmth

I feel

The pain of indecision

A destructive force that wants to play out

The need for something out of reach

That indescribable sensation of want

The needs of that want

I feel


Wondering through an endless series of thoughts

The back and forth decisions of an endless thought

The need

To feel, that is.



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