3WT # 35

Tenebrous Dream

In a surrounding darkness

I woke screaming from a tenebrous dream

The vacivity awareness after such a moment keeps me in unbalance

I am neither utible or coherent-thrashing and writhing to escape

These strong bonds do hold me and try to drag me back

It is as though a tragematopolist has wondered in, but instead of the sweets he should be offering he only dangles death

I flee and shriek-yelling for relief

But no one comes

I am alone

It is this that wakes me in a terror

Screaming from this tenebrous dream…to be continued…




I stood in the tenebrous wood, not knowing how I happened to be there. There was nothing utible within my surroundings to give me an answer. The vacivity of the forrest was unnerving, with nary a breeze or sigh of sound. I questioned again how I had come to be there. I entertained the thought that I was perhaps one part of Hansel and Gretel, on my way to the tragematopolist’s cottage. But no, for I knew this to be but a story and I, well, I was fairly certain I was real.

I took in my surroundings, noticing as I did, that along with no breeze or sounds, the forest felt empty, as though all the inhabitants had fled. They fled the moment right before I opened my eyes.

Now that was a curious thought, one in which all the knowledge I needed was beheld. How was it, then, that opening my eyes had cleared an entire forest? And, more importantly, how is it that I knew this and not my own name, my whereabouts or how I came to be here? Indeed, very curious…


“It has awoken.” The person bowed low, relaying the message

“How is It doing?”

“It is gathering information, though I doubt It knows it” With this the messenger backed away still bowing.

“Well now, that is something indeed.” And from his perch atop the oldest maple, in the deepest grove, under a twilight sky with no moon, the being sat back. It would wait and see how It would unfold.



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