3WT #36

Howdy everyone. Here is this weeks submission-though I may work more on it this weekend. I was running out of time so I thought I would share what I have. Hope you all like.


The confabulation of the human race was necessary. The truth of their origins could never be known, though there were some that disagreed with this. Those members would meet in secret to confer, trying to find ways around the edict. It was strongly believed that to have them learn the truth would not only create a destructive paradox, thereby undoing all that had been done, but on a much stronger note, could be the cause of the extermination of their race in the long run.

For others, it was a simple case of being pudify. For the human race to know of their history would cause much shame to many, if for the simple reason that they should not have existed-not in that time nor on that planet. Once could even argue that it was an experiment gone wrong, or one that had gotten out of hand. I guess it would depend on your point of view, I suppose. As for me, well, I have a bigger hand in this than everyone would like to think-though I go about it quietly and with great subterfuge. Infact, there were none, until now, that knew of what I had done. One could say all hell was about to break loose. But we’ll get to that. First, I should tell you about the rimestock. It was mostly a record of planetary changes that some ancient kept a record of. In the course of his studies he came across an incredible discovery, but not being of sound mind or of science he disregarded it. I came across it one summer when I was studying under him. It was this finding that changed my life. That made me wonder, ‘What if?’. Fast forward a millennium to find not only a clue but an entire history with all the scientific facts written down. Along with those facts, were written some secrets as well. Secrets that only a few could read and understand. Secrets that could change the course of the existence of the human race, and all other races as well. It was on this planet that I hid that rimestock. It is here that, with some nudging, ‘what if?’ could get answered.



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