For the past three days I have been seeing shadows. First time was while I was standing outside, I could have sworn that there was someone standing in the window looking out. I assumed it was my hubby. Then yesterday while I was home alone I could have sworn a shadow walked past me and tonight on the walk into my apartment I saw one by a car that I walk past everyday. It’s a little creepy and a but unnerving. As well as unsettling. Unsettling because it could be that my imagination has finally run off with me on  a full time basis as opposed to the rare moments when I do let it out or (and this is the creepy part) someone or something is trying to tell me something and I am just not getting it. 3 shadows in 3 days. If I have another instance of 3 I’m gonna pack my bags and go back to the mainland. Hmmm, just a random thought that just popped up and that could be what the message is. ok for all you readers, as you’re reading this just think of the X files theme music playing in the back ground or the OuterLimits theme. Brrr! do you all feel a chill creeping down your spines?

On the positive side (or not) my daughters cat now seems attached to me. She no longer sleeps in my daughters room but with us at the foot of the bed and she seems very happy to see me -not the kid- when we get home.

Comments are welcome (read demanded) and thoughts are always considered and appreciated.

Have a good evening all.

Oh and did I mention that these shadows are human shaped? In a mans form? Tall and all dark.

2 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. quilly

    So that’s where it went. The whole time I lived in the house in Hawaii Kai I would see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I would often look up expecting to see Amoeba but he was never there.

    A couple of times at night I woke thinking someone was leaning over me. No one was there. Once I even screamed, which freaked Amoeba out. After that I saw much less of it, and the last couple of weeks I never saw it at all.


  2. ordinarilyjustme Post author

    Well, it must have followed me home and is now haunting me! Thanks alot lady, you know most people leave perishables when they move not shadows!



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