In the breakroom

So it has been awhile since I have shared stuff about work (hmm or did I ever) well any who, I’m sharing now 😉

So I am sitting in the breakroom listening to my iPod and minding my own business when…

Guy comes into the breakroom and and says he learns the word for orange juice in chinese. The girl sitting by me looks up and says “Oh, I know this let me think” and she starts hopping up and down in her chair and waving her hands trying to remember. After about a minute of this guy says “ok-are you ready now?” The girl shakes her head and says it’s not coming to her so guy says “the chinese word for orange juice is Tang!”

Later in this same breakroom, again listening to my iPod, Flighty Happy Never Takes a Breath While Talking Person comes in to share that one of the managers didn’t know what a Ménage à Trois was.  Of course this was enough to make me take off my headphones and shut off my iPod as I just couldn’t pass on hearing about why a manager not knowing what a manage-a-trois was so important.

My burning question of course was who in this day and age with all the technology surrounding us could NOT know what a Ménage à Trois was. I mean a few brief moments of watching the show Blue Mountain State should answer that question and many more for the most ignorant of people.Turns out a customer had called in about it and it came over the radio.  Now in a store full of people you would think that should something like this ever came up that there would be some caution about what went on over the airwaves (well, we all have to get our kicks somewhere). After all the heckling that would of course come along with this type of announcement, You have the one manager come over the radio asking what it was.

Well, the manager was educated by Flighty Happy Never Takes a Breath While Talking Person (who of course went around announcing it to everyone) and so now I will educate those few lost souls out there who have happened the remain in ignorance for all this time. A Ménage à Trois is a very nice, very smooth, and very cheap white or red wine from Folie à Deux Winery.




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