Exercise, sex and…

OK- so if the title doesn’t draw your attention I don’t know what will.

Had one of the best workouts ever today and I must say that a great workout is akin to really great sex-who knew.

Now for the gripe boys and girls-Who in the hell goes to the gym to walk on a treadmill and watch the food channel? What the heck? I mean I like to eat too but I seem to be missing something important here! What is the thought process-“oh if I go .25 miles more I can go home and whip that right up?” I mean come on what kind of masochist are you subjecting us people with that crap?!! And it wasn’t even a healthy food cooking station it was the barefoot contessa-The woman doesn’t know what NO BUTTER means-all of her dishes have it it seems like SHEESH! Further more what type of sadist are you? What is that, your carrot to get you to go a little further? Shouldn’t you be zoning out to something that isn’t the antipathy of  what you’re doing? I’m just saying.

Sorry there is no ‘and’ today. I’m still sheeshing over the exercise thing.



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