3WT #45 with respect to Dr. John

The Words:

It is not the loudest bang that always changes our lives (though often times it will) sometimes it is the smallest skill that may be the cause of a great metamorphosis. If Robin Hood was not sagittipotent none would know his name. I’m sure that if it hasn’t be done already, some mammographer would have invented an odynometer for the sole purpose of seeing how much pain a person was capable of withstanding and if not for trolls who would know about brephophagist? If not for Dr. John’s words and Quilly’s 3 Word Thursdays, I would not have met a wide network of people whom I have grown to respect and look forward to reading. And all it took was a small idea to use words that were becoming phased out of the English language. Such a small bang that seems to have created a very huge change. May the God and Goddess watch over Dr. John’s family and may his essence become one with the light.



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