3WT#46-Ghost Girl


Sorry folks but I am starting a new story (again ;)) We shall see what happens with this one…and yeah, I know it’s a little dark but I just couldn’t help myself. The story practically wrote itself.  So with that here are the words for this week.

  • amarulence, n. — bitterness, spite
  • assectation , v. — act of following after something else
  • defedate, v, — to defile, to pollute

Ghost Girl

The ghost was in an assectation of the river when she became distracted by the amarulence of the people getting ready to defedate the swinging bridge hanging over the rapids. It was a young man a woman who seemed to be arguing over a bundle of some sort. The woman appeared angry at the man, who stood cowering over the bundle and begging the woman to just leave it. He was trying to pull her from the bridge but she was insistent that they remain where they were. Gliding a little closer, the ghost was starting to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation. The Man seemed to be against throwing the bundle over the bridge whereas the woman was becoming more insistent. Quite an ordinary day, for the ghost that was. The only thing that was different was the role reversal. Usually it was the woman begging for the bundle and the man insisting.

She had heard many of these same stories over and over from time to time. Disenchanted lovers, throwing away little bits of trinkets over the bridge and then, if she was lucky, sometimes they would throw themselves in to be swept away by the current. Then they would stay with her for awhile before moving on and then she would have to wait for the next adventurer.

Looks like that time would be coming up soon. The ghost wondered who or what would be her next visitor. And if she should even bother, since they all eventually went away leaving her behind and even more alone than before they came. But it had been a while. Drifting a little closer The Ghost Girl  was reminded of a time when Sybil visited for awhile.


Sybil was a young miss who was always in a state of assectation. She could never stick to any one thing so it came as a great shock to everyone when she and Stewart dated continuously for more than a year. Most young men didn’t last 2 months with Sybil but young Stewart most certainly did. Finally when the day came for him to take the next step in the relationship Sybil showed true to her colors and left him. Stewart, not knowing what to do but feeling angry all the same followed young Sybil out to the bridge one day and demanded that she tell him why she wouldn’t stay with him for the rest of their natural days.

Well, Sybil had just realized that she had become complacent with her life and that was not going to happen to her no siree. So when her young man Stewart asked for her hand she dumped him without so much a by you leave with nary any warning or even a tear. It was a pity, for if she had only said yes she might still be alive in her and in her dotage today. But alas, she did not and told Stewart that she couldn’t settle for a man like him. The amarulence in Stewart built to such a proportion that the poor man snapped like a tarnished rope out there on that bridge. Before throwing Ms. Sybil off of that bridge young Stewart defedated her in every way a man could to a woman and then, without so much as a by your leave, he went and tossed her off the side of that bridge. I heard later that he was hit by a bus on the way into town but that is another story for another time.

For then at that time, when young Sybil, who could not swim, finally departed her earthly shell, she found herself standing next to me looking into the river where her body lay floating. She didn’t recognize at first that it was herself, she just didn’t understand. One moment she was on the bridge and the next she was standing next to me.

Yes, Sybil was a nice companion and we had some great high jinks together. Her first act, and one of her best once she got over being dead, was to help an aging bus driver with failing eye sight to steer to the right of the road so as to not hurt anyone that might be walking down the middle of the lane…

6 thoughts on “3WT#46-Ghost Girl

    1. ordinarilyjustme Post author

      All signed in. I thought it was nice. I have a whole story planned for that one, but it won’t be for 3wt. I think I will just write it one day and post it.


    1. ordinarilyjustme Post author

      Thanks Thom. Hmmm, Sybil moved on, but ghost girl might some night. But truly, will all the speeding accidents that have happened lately, do we really need anyone helping?



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