Sitting in the cafeteria

“People are just PIGS!”

No this is not me saying this out loud as I am sitting in the school cafe, but my classmate. He is not referring to the people surrounding us on both sides but about work-More specifically the clothing section at his work. I cannot disagree as at the place I work (which is different from said classmate) I understand fully what he is talking about. And lately it just seems to be getting worse. I no longer turn my back on the clothing and people will mess it up again-oh no, the indigents will wreak havoc on my tables standing not across from me as a sane person might do but right frickin’  next to me. What the hell people!?Come on there are only so many slights a person can take and some of us are already on a thin rope. What is it -the latest dare to see how far you can push an employee before they snap? It’s not a safe thing to do especially in a wharehouse. There are things an insane employee can do to you in a wharehouse and places to hide the body so buyer beware.

In addition to that did anyone read about the online debate about the sorority of girls who won a step competition over another group? Why is this an issue? Well, to most normal people it isn’t but appearantly color is an issue. The girls who won were white Here’s the link and you can read about the idocy that we seem to be dropping into.

again I reiterate, “People are just PIGS!”


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