In re of Quilly’s re to Musical Monday

In response to Quilly’s antagonizing commentary…”Interesting that this particular song speaks to you given that you don’t hold Christian beliefs.” In re to my choice for Musical Monday’s song Amazing Grace.

This song, for me is just peaceful. The first time I heard it, I was in the second or third grade and being mis-educated ( I was told that this song was sung by a man who had survived a night during the civil war and that upon the rising morn he was sang this and the whole field was silent.) I never really understood what the words were or even what the person was singing about until I was much older, when I happened to look up the lyrics. It did not matter. I just new I liked the song-though that would be a gross understatement as to how I feel about this song. The melody in the song alone is very captivating and even without the lyrics, I can listen to it for hours-yes hours. I think it is that good. The lyrics however give it that added power that will keep me still and calm my soul when all else fails. I don’t care that it is a Christian hymn. Just because I am not Christian does not mean I cannot appreciate Christian things, this song especially as it can cross all faiths, even those without.

So Quilly, in all her loving Christianity and who likes to tease me from time to time about this matter, here is my response to your comment. I understand religion for what it is. It gives people something outside themselves to have faith in. It is not a bad thing, nor will I mock it- to each their own I say-but in my ever wise cracking way I must point out to you Quilly that Christianity came into existence because of religions that I am currently studying. So, in truth, all hymns, activities, holidays etc can be traced back to my pagan roots. So, basically, going on that premise, Amazing Grace can be viewed as a pagan hymn too. :0)



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