Hobby Quiz and…

What Hobby Are You?…

This is so dead on accurate it’s scary. Finally a quiz that gets me >sniff< I think I’m going to cry!

You Are Reading

You are an interesting mix of curious and relaxed. You have an insatiable hunger for knowledge.
However, you also seek comfort. It bothers you to travel too much and to be away from home.

That’s why reading is the perfect hobby for you. You can explore the world from the comfort of your favorite chair.
You are comfortable with quiet and being alone. All you need is a good book to keep you company.

What Hobby Are You Quiz

Just a poem

I saw the moon and it was blue

I saw the sky and it was grey

I heard the waves crashing and I wept

I heard the wind blowing and felt free

I danced in the sand and felt wanton

under the moon that was blue

my dress swirling by the blowing wind

then the sky turned grey and the wave came crashing

I was no longer free and wanton

and they grey sky turned my skin blue.

Now I dance on the blue moon

looking down at the grey sky

seeing the waves come crashing down

Feeling free and wanton with my dress swirling.

Other Senseless Babble

Here we are at another Thursday without 3WT so I must find something to entertain-hmm let’s see Quiz check, Dark poem check, senseless babble-well working on it

Did you ever wonder about the fact that we are knowingly killing our environment and yet we can’t seem to get enough?

Or how about the fact that if we keep taking things out of the educational curriculum we will be raising a bunch of idiots? Really do you want the people who are supposed to be taking care of you when you are old and feeble be the same people that made you old and feeble because you were taking care of them into adult hood because they didn’t learn anything in school which could help them take care of themselves.?

and here is a silly thought.

How come it’s cheaper to by crap then to by quality good foods? Have you ever priced organic food versus other food. You are looking at least at 1-2 dollars more for it.



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