Come On people, Do we really need…

A 3 dollar charge for a glass of tea in a restaurant if there isn’t going to be a refill? Seriously, that’s like making a person pay to sit there. I know times are tough and we’re all trying to save a buck, but it’s tea. Tea! It’s mostly all water! At the very least you can bring down the price to 1 dollar and charge for refills-Ugh!

And then charging a person for lettuce and a tomato is just wrong. It automatically comes with the burger people. I understand that there is a tomato shortage due to the freakishly cold weather in other parts of the country, but lettuce?! Next thing you’re going to be telling us is that there will be an extra charge for the bun and then for each part of the burger. It is insanity I tell you.

And how do you get past serving a single serving for a person that orders a double and that is the new double. Makes a person wander what the single consists of, a bite! Perhaps if they get it down to a nibble they can really turn their business around. NO wait they wouldn’t be able to because people would just stop going there. And the little hole in the wall restaurant can perish as so many of the other business are doing these days.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for some changes but really, people go to a restaurant to Eat for crying out loud. Wendy’s will still hand over the tomato but you have to ask, and they have a sign saying so.  Changes like these I can live with-Changes that I cannot are the ones that go unannounced.

In case you’re wondering which restaurant I am gripping about. It would be Hapa Grill in lovely Kapolei, HI. The only thing I could recommend about this place is that the food is still good-though I wonder how long that will last before they decide to take that away as well. As for me, not only will my visits be extremely sparing (read non-existent)   but my recommendations will go bye bye as well.  I’m just saying.



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