3WT # I don’t know what because it’s been so long ;p

It’s 3WT time again and here are the words for this week.

eructate, v. – belch
noctambule, v. sleepwalk
coxcomb, n. a conceited, foolish dandy; pretentious

Sorry, I have only shorts this week. I seem to be suffering a form of writers block per se, Hopefully the shorts are as entertaining to read as they were to write.

The coxcomb noctambuled and eructated.

During the eructate contest, the yearly champ became such a coxcomb that no one wanted to compete against him. It worried him so that he would noctambule at all hours of the night, eructating his internal monologue. The neighbors were not happy.

Of the three vices; eructate, noctambule and being a coxcomb, I would choose to be the coxcomb simply because it occurs when I should so choose to exercise it, not have it happen during a subconscious moment for which the neighbors and various family members can harangue me for.



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